BBQ Time

When it's BBQ time, pay us a visit and choose from our wonderful selection of meats marinated in a choice of mouth-watering sauces, ready to pop straight on to your BBQ.

You'll find Lamb Kebabs in Garlic and Rosemary or in our Moroccan marinade, Lamb Koftas, Chicken in Plum Sauce, Chicken Kebabs in Maple, Chicken Kebabs in Greek Passion and many other special recipes and sauces.

We have spatchcock chicken, butterfly legs of lamb, Moroccan Lamb, Pork Ribs in Plum Sauce and meaty burgers.

We can supply Suckling Pig for that special occasion, please give us a few days notice to get these for you. If you are a new customer we will require a deposit.


All our sausages are made to our own secret recipes, they are popular throughout the year, but especially so in BBQ weather. Try our best-selling Prince of Wales sausage specially created for the pub next door to us in Bridge Road.

If you are planning a big BBQ for a fete or large party please give us a few days notice so that we can prepare the quantity you require. Tel: 020 8979 3800

Gluten Free Sausages

If you, or someone in your family who suffers from Coeliac Disease, we have a range of gluten free sausages that are tasty, meaty and wheat-free. No rusk or gluten seasoning is used in their preparation, we simply use our finest meats, spices and other ingredients. Sausages which are gluten free in the list below are marked with an asterisk.

Pork Sausages

Apricot & Ginger


Chilli Pickle



Hampton Court 500*

Meaty Pork

Molesey Specials (Merguez)*

Pork & Leek

Prince of Wales*

Spicy Pork & Garlic*

Other Meats

Boerwors* (Pork, Beef and Lamb)

Lamb & Rosemary*

Venison (when in season)