CASSOULET - a recipe for left over goose

One of the great benefits of cooking a goose for Christmas is having great quantities of goose fat to roast your potatoes in for the next few weeks, and unlike a turkey, there's unlikely to be a lot of left over meat that you need to conjure up recipes for into the New Year! With a goose there's likely to be very little left over meat, but there will probably be enough to make a quick cassoulet. Just make sure you have a can of haricot beans in stock before Christmas and buy some sausages and bacon along with your goose.

Ingredients - Serves 4 - increase quantities if you have lots of goose left over

• 300g canned haricot beans, drained

• 2 onions chopped

• Remains of cooked goose cut into chunks

• 4 Toulouse style sausages - pork sausages and a few cloves of garlic will do

• 110g / 4oz ham or bacon joint - cold ham left overs cut into chunks will do, alternatively use a few rashers of cooked streaky bacon, preferably in chunks

• 5 fl oz / 142 ml tomato puree or tomato sauce, or a 300g can of chopped tomatoes if that's all you have

• Goose fat

• Salt and pepper

• Breadcrumbs


• Put the chopped onion into a casserole dish with a little fat from the goose; fry until soft and golden

• Slice each sausage into three or four pieces; add to the casserole and seal

• Add the goose chunks and the ham or bacon

• Stir in the haricot beans

• Add the tomato puree, tomato sauce, or chopped tomatoes and stir

• Season well

• If the mixture looks a little dry, add a few tablespoons of cold water until the mixture is almost covered

• Sprinkle breadcrumbs on the top and then pour on a little melted goose fat

• Bake in a moderate oven for about 30 - 40 minutes