Free Range Chickens

Our free-range chickens now come from:

Caldecott's Holly Farm

Three generations of the Caldecott family have farmed at Holly Farm and have an enviable reputation for raising turkeys for Christmas. But three years ago they started rearing chickens with the express desire to neither compromise on welfare or quality.

The chickens they chose to raise are a derivative of the Rhode Island Red and the White Cornish Chicken, a slow growing breed, perfect for free range conditions and delivering a flavour and texture you will not find elsewhere.

The chicks are kept indoors until they are three weeks old after which they have free-range accommodation that allows them access to fresh grass and the opportunity to scratch, peck and forage as nature intended. They are fed a supplementary diet of fresh grain, but no growth promoters or additives.

In case you think they sound familiar, they've been used by Hugh Fearnley Whittingstall on his TV programmes, Rick Stein on "Food Heroes" and have been highly rated in the Daily Mail by food writer Tom Parker Bowles. You will also find them served in top restaurants and hotels.